Service/Warranty FAQ

Q.  How do I add more than 1 part to a warranty claim?

A.  To add more than one part to your warranty claim, enter the first part information, then click the “Add Part” button and fill out the fields for any additional parts. Repeat as needed.

Q.  How do I get a warranty Replacement?

A.  First you will need to submit a Purchase Order for the parts that are needed to be replaced. Once the parts have been replaced, fill out a warranty claim from our support portal to start the warranty process.

Q.  What are the spare parts warranty terms?

A.  The warranty for period for Spare parts is ninety (90) days or 500 hours (whichever occurs first) from the date of purchase. For all of our limited warranty certificates, click here.

Q.  What information do I need to provide for a warranty claim?

A.  All information on the claim that has a required field is required, but include as much information as possible to streamline your claim and we will get to a resolution quicker. Also include any pictures or supporting documents to help with the claim.

Q.  What information do I need to provide for a Product Registration?

A.  For a product registration, we have all the fields to fill out including Dealer Information, End-User information, Product Information (model number and serial number are required), as well as the Main Use of the Product. Also required is your name and email address.

Q.  How do I identify my product?

A.  There will be an ID plate welded to your Rotobec Product. They are in different places depending on the model that you have. For grapples, they are welded to the head structure, for loaders, they are welded on the column.

Q.  How do I use the online warranty and support portal?

A.  We have quick links on our landing page of the support portal for each section. Start a warranty claim by clicking on the warranty box, start a product registration by clicking its box. Click on the “Limited Warranty Certificates” to see product specific warranty certificates. There is also links to our online parts catalogue, Grapple Rebuild application and general service contact.

Q.  Where do I ship my product for warranty?

A.  Once we have received the warranty claim and determine if the parts need to be shipped back, we will send you a parts request form to ship them to the nearest Rotobec Branch.

Q.  How do I register my Rotobec product?

A.  Navigate to our support portal and click on the “Product Registration” button. Fill out the form and click submit. You will receive a confirmation of the submitted product registration.

Q.  How do I revise my warranty claim?

A.  Once the claim is completed, you will receive an auto-response with your claim number to the email address you entered on the claim form. To make any modifications to the claim, you can respond to this email and it will be sent directly to the warranty administrator who will make the adjustments.

Q.  How do I report a problem when I submit a claim/support ticket?

A. To report a problem with the claim/support ticket, please call 1-855-383-3002. One of our service techs will be happy to help you over the phone.

Q.  Why didn’t I get a confirmation email?

A.  Check your junk/spam folder. The reply may have been redirected to there. If not, please call 1-855-383-3002 and report a problem with our service team.

Q.  How can I check to see if my product is still under warranty?

A.  From our support portal, you can open up the product specific warranty certificate, and see if your product falls within the warranty period and hours.

Q.  Where do I find information on warranty coverage?

A.  All of our information on warranty coverage is on our Limited Warranty certificates. If you have additional questions about what is covered, do not hesitate to contact service through our support portal.

Q.  How do I get access to your online parts catalogue?

A.  If you are an authorized Rotobec dealer, you can contact your closest Rotobec branch, or contact us through the support portal to request an account to be set up.

Q.  Can I claim Freight for replacement components under warranty?

A.  We do not cover freight on warranty claims. All parts need to be shipped back pre-paid/free domicile.

Q.  Where/How do I submit Mileage on my warranty claim?

A.  We do not cover mileage on warranty claims, but on our warranty claims, you can submit the hours traveled.

Q.  After I “Check Submission” on my warranty claim, I am unable to submit my claim, why?

A.  Sometimes this occurs and you need to clear your browsing history/cache. If the problem is not solved, contact our service department through either the portal, or 1-855-383-3002.

If you have any questions that were not answered in this list, click here to send us an email.
Rotobec Service Department